Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Handyman Franchise Discovery Day

One of the key aspects of purchasing any handyman franchise is to  make sure that you can work with the staff at the corporate office, as well as see the system that you would be coming a part of. There is no better opportunity to due this then at a Discovery Day. A Discovery Day is a prospective franchisees chance to meet the team that will be there to support them not only through their start up phase but also for years to come.

These days are designed to provide answers to almost all of the questions one might have when partnering with a handyman franchise system. There is usually a tremendous amount of information given from each department within the franchise organization. This can be overwhelming at times, be sure to write done any questions and get them addressed at the end of the day. Topics covered usually include system overview, marketing, operational support, initial training and support, software and technology, and territory/franchise agreements.

Usually by the end of the one day event you really have a feel for the franchise opportunity and whether you feel as though it will be the right fit for you.

House Doctors has upcoming discovery days on June 4th (one spot open) as well as on June 25th. Please click here find out more information.

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